Disinfection is performed following the presence of microorganisms that may damage the activity in a room / unit and simultaneously cause cross contamination.

Disinfection of a room / unit in hydrogen peroxide is also performed in order to prevent pathogenic damage to the medical staff, patients and /or people performing maintenance and repairs. It can also be used for odor neutralization and / or fumigation purposes.

Principle of action:
The disinfectant is performed with an inorganic preparation containing 7.4% hydrogen peroxide and PAA at a concentration of 0.4%, which causes the process of oxidation (which causes the destruction of microorganisms) in the polluted area, thus disinfecting rooms / units in different volumes.

A combination of the two substances causes very high efficiency in the process of destroying the microorganism in the polluted area.

The device model is HYGIEN AIR.
The efficiency of the device was measured in a recognized biological laboratory in France called VIRHEAITH according to the strict French standard NFT 72281 for TEST T DSUADE V001.

The device is based on the technology of heating to a temperature of 55 degrees Celsius (for maximum efficiency) and spraying of the material by spraying aerosols of hydrogen peroxide, which allows the disinfection of inaccessible places.

The device is equipped with an electronic panel that allows to spray the exact amount of material relative to room volume. The aerosol spray stabilizes at a concentration of 5ml / m ((for maximum efficiency) for the entire process (occurring by pump and column and peristaltic pump).

The device has a USB port for data transfer.

See Technical Specifications
Technical Description HYGIEN’AIR

Technical Description NOSOSOL 7.4% + 0.4 PAA

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