Air, the most essential element of life, surrounding us at all times. But it’s also fragile and threatened by multiple sources of contaminations.

The technology developed by Calistair can change all that by destroying micro-contaminants and gases with an unparalleled efficiency.

Micro-organisms such as spores and fungi, bacteria, viruses and chemical pollutants like volatile organic compounds or odors can be easily inactivated and mineralized.

The technology invented by Calistair is a combination of multiple catalysts, coated on honeycombs.
A UV-C light source produces light and heat energy to activate the catalytic process.

The surface of the honeycomb is coated with a chemical substrate, a synergistic combination of three components, which in conjunction lead to high oxidative reactions necessary to destroy pollutants.

The first component is a Zeolite. This mineral attracts passing molecules through the surface phenomenon known as adsorption.

Through its microporous structure it is able to trap high concentrations of contaminants.
After being adsorbed, contaminants and gas molecules migrate to the surface of two complementary components, where the destructive process begins.

The first is a photocatalyst and is activated by the UV-C light and the emitted heat energy activates the second catalyst, the most important and innovative part of the assembly.

With both catalysts activated their electrical properties change.
The water and dioxygen present in the air react with these electrical charges and form hydroxyl or superoxide radicals. The chemical bonds of pollutants are also affected after coming into direct contact with the catalysts leaving them activated and highly reactive.
The lifespan of these radicals only lasts a few picoseconds which is enough to initiate the destructive chain reaction.

This oxidoreduction process breaks down the structure of the pollutants to inactivate and mineralize them. The innovative role of the non-thermal catalyst completes the treatment and ensures that no toxins or by-products are liberated during the destruction of the contaminants.
The combined effect of the catalysts forms non-harmful products such as water and carbon dioxide in infinitesimal amounts.

All matter which comes into contact with the surface of the catalysts leaves it without loss, just in a different form. At the end of the reaction process the catalysts regenerate themselves.

The innovative technology by Calistair has the ability to treat high air flow with speeds up to 5 m/s, only requires a minimum of maintenance, is eco-friendly, energy-efficient and ozone-free.

Calistair – Science for healthy air

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