Coronavirus testing stand designed and manufactured by ULPA cleanroons & laboratories.

High quality product which provides complete protection to the user.
Internal dimensions: 1.5 x 1.5 x 2.5 [m].
Equipped with front glove ports and suitable rubber gloves, so to avoid direct contact with the patient.
Equipped with HEPA H14 filter and blower to maintain positive pressure inside the booth, so to avoid any contaminant or pathogenic agent to enter the booth endangering the health care professional.
Fully modular: booths can be installed side-by-side so to obtain any desired layout, adapting to the place and its surroundings.
Filtered booths are designed for carrying out mass-screening of the population, which is essential in order to contain and limit the spread of the virus: tests on a great number of patients can be easily carried out in a very short time, in crowded places like streets, airports, railway/underground stations, public offices, hospitals.

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