The company provides a variety of construction solutions, from the easy construction in HPL or PVC cover to the installation of modular systems based on metal panels or HPL from leading manufacturers such as EASYPHARMA & SAE brand leader. Selected manufacturers in accordance with the building regulations, GMP practices and industry standards  .

HPL Panels, metal panels, is the best choice for the microelectronics industry, and exist in a variety of finishes: galvanized sheet, aluminum or stainless steel.

The company installs T-BAR ceiling systems made of embedded aluminum.

Special Features:

* Meets standards for clean rooms from ISO 4-ISO8

* Capacity to carry weight 150 kg per square meter.

* Accuracy of ± 2 mm per 10 meters for gradual alignment, leading to a perfect result.

* Assembling various elements such as: lighting, filters, sprinklers and smoke detectors.

* All components are modular, quick assembly and adjustment on the customer site.

* Available in anodized aluminum or any color required.

* Our company markets accessories, equipment and furniture for a clean room.

* Stainless steel tables or aluminum profiles suitable for a clean room.

* Stainless steel or aluminum or PP storage locker for a clean room, including a vacuum locker.

* Stainless steel transport cart for clean rooms with perforated shelves.

* Stainless steel bedspreads and dispensers for dressing rooms.

* Door parts including tabs and handles.

* LED lighting fixtures adapted to a clean room (IP65 standard).

* Interlock systems for clean rooms.

* Intercom & Sound system for clean rooms.

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